When we let go, it might not seem like it, but it’s actually the true wealth. Not only are we able to let go of all that which doesn’t serve us any more, but also open doors to new and exciting opportunities in our lives.

True wealth ties in with letting go. It might not equate to wealth in the form of cash (although in some cases it might), letting go opens us up to new opportunities and gives us inspiration and excitement to pursue that which truly fulfils us, which we can say is true wealth.

Similar to a common phrase we all know, which goes something like,

“i feel like a million bucks.”

In this article, well explore two strong reasons as to why letting go is true wealth, as well as a couple of stories to really help put in real life context.

Before we get into the meat of this article, here’s a video I made on this topic. Hopefully it gives you a different perspective. Please note that I’m not the best person on camera, but I tried my best. I know it’s super shaky, ill work on that.

With that, let’s explore in 2 key reasons as to why letting go can often be true wealth.

1: Letting go is true wealth because, we focus on what truly matters.

Letting go is true wealth because, we learn to stop doings things that don’t truly matter.

We might hold on certain situations due to obligations, and there might be something we need from it. However, true wealth can come from making bold attempts at letting it go. Sometimes we can do this sporadically, or sometimes strategically.

We all know that due to the pandemic, a significant amount of people have had to let go of their jobs, in fact according to Congressional Research Service,

In April 2020, the unemployment rate reached 14.8% – the highest rate observed since data collection began in 1984

Gene Falk (specialist in social policy) | Unemployment Rates During The Covid-19 Pandemic.

From the above study, we can say that especially last year, a lot of people had to let go of their workplaces. On one hand it can seem rather daunting, on the brighter side it’s a door of opportunity for many other opportunities and ventures.

I’ve often noted that, life often has a way of forcibly making us let go of a situation, which might seem negative to us initially. However, in reality, it might have been just the thing we needed to bring in something new, fresh and that which leads us towards a better situation.

Habits, circumstances, situations that need letting go are important, and it can take some level of bravery since we might need to step out of our comfort zone a little. We might stay stuck in a situation for periods way past their due date without even realizing.

Moreover, life is fairly short, so knowing the fact that there are situations, objects or people that might not serve us early on, and then gently take steps to let it go is one of the best actions we can take.

Choosing between holding on or letting go can also be a tricky decision for a lot of us, it takes courage and clarity to decide whether or not we should walk away from a situation, person or circumstance. I’ve also found, these choices can really come from our gut feeling, listening to our inner voice and clarity around what we really seek in life.

2: Letting go is true wealth because were focusing on taking care of our emotions and what feels good.

It’s really our feeling and emotions can give us the feeling of true wealth. Although the term “wealth” can be associated to liquid cash, It’s not just limited to that.

This can often involve letting go of all that doesn’t emotionally serve us. When we do, it almost feels like a breath of fresh air. 

A couple of stories to help put this in perspective.

Stories can be super effective at helping anyone to better understand something, I’ve mainly used stories or examples from my own life. Hopefully through my experience you can see how and why letting go is true wealth, hope you can relate.

When it comes to telling stories and experience its benefits, it is important to understand its origins. According to Richard Kearney

Aristotle was most probably the first who develop, this insight into a philosophical position. When he argued in his poetry, that the art of story telling consisted of dramatic imitating an plotting of human action, made our world that much more shareable.

Richard Kearney | On Stories | Page 6, Where Do Stories Come From.

Story #1:

I particularly remember one instance, where I used to work at West minister in a tiny convenience store. I just hated every minute of it and would ask myself

“Why am I even here, is not something better i could be doing”

I kept showing up for as long as i could. Eventually the manager called in saying that i would need to work on certain days which i couldn’t, it was not possible for me since i was at university during those days.

The manager then simply said it won’t be possible for you to work here, and that was my last day there.

After collecting my pay, I left that store, and it literally felt as though I had been released from a prison. That day, as I was crossing the bridge, I truly realized that letting go is true wealth and new opportunities were showing themselves to me, such as an exciting internship abroad.

Losing that job might seem like a failure. However, sometimes failure can make us more intelligent in deciding between what is truly meant for us and what isn’t.

I hope this story gave you better perspective..

Focusing on our emotions can also mean true wealth, because we get a chance to identify and let go of negative thoughts that sometimes keep us from truly letting go.

Practising mindfulness can really allow to us better manage our feelings and emotions in the moment. 

According to Paul A. Frewen 

“Instead, the present results are consistent with mindfulness being associated with, or encompassing the experience of being able to let go of negative cognition.

Paul A. FrewenElspeth M. Evans | Letting Go: Mindfulness and Negative Automatic Thinking 

Story #2:

When I was in college, letting go of a science course was super nerve racking, but I had to make that decision. I had enrolled into an art and design program, and I’m sure you know the saying (what are you thinking, there aren’t any jobs in the creative industry). 

After the completion of that course, I scored with the highest marks, which opened up lots of doors for me. There were loads of opportunities that I could progress into, some of which could turn into amazingly fulfilling careers.

This is a clear example of how letting go is true wealth. On one hand, we fear letting go of that which doesn’t work for us or something that were familiar with.

On the other hand, we see the true wealth of opportunities rise up when we decide to let go and change our perspective.


In this post, it only really took two reasons to try and cover the topic on why letting go is true wealth.

Iv tried using a couple of examples to help you understand a little better, I hope I’ve delivered well.

In the post, we’ve covered how attending to our emotions and figuring out that which truly matters to us. With that clarity, we’ll be able to understand how letting go in life has some value and that it isn’t all that bad.

There were loads of points i could think of for this topic, but they were far too generic. Two points can sometimes be powerful enough to truly convey why letting go is true wealth in our lives.

Before i let you go, heres a quick question for you.

Can you think of a time in your life when you had to let go of something, and it turned out to the best decision you made?

Let me know your answers in the comments, i’d love to hear your stories and perspectives so that we can grow together.

I’ll see you in the next post, where we explore another exciting topic, that hopefully leads us to more fulfilment in our lives.

Published by Kunaal Bakrania

An individual passionate about developing mental and emotional resilience in daily life. Through my experience and knowledge, I'm on a mission to help others cultivate strength within themselves and create a life of true fulfilment.

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  1. I have a hard time letting go. I don’t know how is one supposed to let go. What exactly it means? It seems easier when its a material thing, but people you deeply love… how? I have been struggling with this how for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can understand you, you’re right in the fact that with material things it can be easier. I suppose letting go can only come when we forgive fully. Having hope in the future and taking time to appreciate aloness is important.
      When we’re not loved it can cause pain, but if we direct it inwards and see and spend more time with ourselves, we can find peace and contenent within our selves. Therefore we might not be so dependent on love that comes externally, but rather you become love itself to be shared.

      I hope this makes sense, maybe I’m wrong. Just my thoughts.

      Stay well.
      Be in peace.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for responding. I think I struggle with the how of forgiveness, how of to be okay with being alone and how to love and accept myself and not search for external love and validation. The conditioning is such.
        The journey inwards as you said happens in silence and I find silence scary.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I understand, perhaps you’re looking for a technique. There’s hardly a technique to deal with emotions or to heal. It might help to see that people are who they are, it’s important to have compassion for them, they did what they thought was right.

        Difficult people make us better and more resilient, perhaps we should be grateful for that. It might hurt, but we discover something new about ourselves, and find strength in ourselves we never thought was there.

        Silence can be scary, it can also be blissful. For me it’s pure peace and emptiness. No judgement, criticism, negetivity, just pure peace.

        In my experience, this state comes with deep meditation, where the mind get space to be empty, to clear the way for bliss and peace.

        I hope it make sense.


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