Having an understanding on finding your purpose and how the means will follow can help us in taking action towards whatever dreams and goals were trying to achieve. Trusting the process is also an important part of this equation.

So what does it mean to be finding your purpose and the means following? When were following a certain path in life, that is aligned towards what were truly meant for, you’ll see that things simply just unfold exactly as they are meant to. Opportunities and circumstance simply fall in place and work to our favour, this involves introspecting and having trust our abilities, skills and talents.

We often hear stories from people who pursued certain goals and took various actions. When we look closely, we understand that although they struggled, everything had a purpose, everything had some synchronicity in helping them execute their purpose and positivity impacting the world.

So in a nutshell, making efforts to finding your purpose and acting on what you’re truly built for, you’ll see that the means will simply follow.

I also feel that it’s important for me to stress that, it won’t always be easy. Figuring out our purpose can be quite challenging and is often a journey of self introspection. We might have to go through some trials and turbulences to help us understand what we’re truly made of, as well as building thicker skin.

I understand that it might seem a little confusing, so let’s break this into two parts. 

  1. What is involved in finding your purpose and what the process might look like.
  2. Example of how means can follow.

Part 1 : What Is Involved In Finding Your Purpose.

green image of white arrow pointing to the side, getting direction when trying to find purpose.
White arrow pointing to the side.

In this first step, we’ll, just go over things that you can consider around finding your purpose. Of course, there’s an exhaustive list of questions that we can consider, but this list we’ll give us a good overview.

Introspecting when finding your purpose

This involves taking a look at ourselves as well as asking ourselves some key questions. The whole goal here is trying to get a better understanding of our selves, our skills, strengths and various other aspects. The biggest benefit about introspecting, is that it really works to bring out the best in us. Along with, what we naturally gravitate towards.

Here are some ideas of questions we might explore:

  • Am i being true to myself right now?
  • How do i want to impact the world?
  • Where do i hope to see myself in the next 5 years.
  • What does success really look like for me?
  • Are there any limiting beliefs i am entertaining?
  • If money were no object, what would i do?
  • What topics immediately come to mind when i think of my purpose?
  • Am really living up to what i know to be my true potential?
  • Do i have clarity around how i can leverage my means to achieve my goals and dreams faster.

And the list goes on and on.

There are so many questions we could ask ourselves, it’s endless. It might help to pick a few of them and writing some detailed answers. The main point here is asking ourselves questions, which gets us in the mode of introspection and self discovery.

Self awareness, when finding your purpose

This is one of my favourite points to cover, because It’s something Ive focused on a lot throughout my life. 

Although we might be tempted to be many things, we’re often only excellent at a few things. The best case scenario would be finding purpose around something your passionate about and have a relevant skill in. Most of the times, passion, purpose and skill come together.

However, even if you’re passionate but don’t have the skills just yet, there always room to build them, especially if you’re patient enough.

Finding purpose can also involve letting go of certain things that hold us back, deciing between holding on or letting go can be tricky at times. heres a post that can help with that.

Holding on or letting go? The best way to understand which one is right for you.

In my experience, I’ve found that Gary Vee, provides that best piece of advice around self awareness.

In this video, Gary talks about a simple hack to increase self awareness. One key take away that i hope you can get in this video, is accepting feedback (even if it seems harsh) and using it to find direction and self awareness.

Self-awareness is also increased by trying new and exciting things. It really gives us a clear idea what we’d like out of life. I’ve also written a specific post around that which you might help you.

How The Biggest Failure Is Not Trying New things.

Importance Of Role models when finding your purpose.

Another aspect to finding purpose, involves figuring out who our role models might be and how they have impact the world. They can also help us find tremendous inspiration. 

I certainly had role models in my own life that have gone on to find their purpose and truly lived up to their potential. I constantly try and learn what attribute made them who they are today.

The 2nd best thing about having role models

is that they help us figure out that path, they paved the way and left certain clues for us. Why not pick them up and learn how we execute our purpose.

It’s clear that they’ve been where we want to be, reaching out to them or observing how they operate can give us a lot of hints that we can use on our own path.

What did they do to figure out their purpose, skills, build attributes and impact the world? You have that same potential, so study your role models and pave your own path.

If they did it and they look like you,

you can do it too.

Gary Vaynerchuck

Having Vision When Trying To Find your Purpose.

Clarity around what you want out of life is one of the most fundamental things in finding our purpose and having the means follow.

In my experience, my boss who ran a fairly successful firm always emphasized how important vision is. How it helps to set in stone what we want in our lives to look like in the future.

Our vision alone is what drives us to really work and manifest everything that we want.

The journey towards finding our purpose and the means following can be paved with various obstacles, which is why it’s so important to have a vision of some sort to set our intentions in stone.

Part 2: Examples of how the means will follow.

Green image with forest trail at sunset time, role models leaving trails.
Green image with forest trail at sunset time.

Ok you’ve clarified your purpose, and you’re excited to get going. However, you might be thinking whether or not the means will fall into place and in what way that you need them to.

Here are some examples of means that can follow, when we discover and pursue our purpose.

Building a roadmap, sense of direction.

A logical order of how you hope to go about trying to make your purpose come alive can really help. A roadmap can really involve certain goals, what your process to execute your purpose once you’ve it’s found and more.

It’s ok if it changes and evolves overtime, it happened to me.  

Clarity around how to execute.

As you figure out your purpose, you’ll often find the means to execute, whether it’s setting up a business, becoming a singer, creating a clarity. Once we have that clarity around exactly what our purpose, coupled with a strong vision, were able to logically set our clear action steps that help convert that purpose or dream into reality. There might be challenges along the way, but you’ll also find the means of innovating around obstacles. You can trust me on that.

When i figured out my purpose for helping people overcome their obstacles, I was met with plenty of road blocks. I easily found the means of creatively getting around them. Yes, problem-solving is part of the package, and you’ll learn to actually enjoy it. I certainly did.

When we start executing on our purpose, the mean can follow. However, at the same time, we also need to be aware of failure. We’re not perfect, and we might experience failure at some point.

I’ve written a whole post that explore this, feel free to have a look. I’m sure it’ll help.

4 Powerful Strategies For Dealing With Failure.

Making the time.

You might be thinking, how will i find the time? Time is one of those means that will simply follow, as we start executing, well see various gaps of time that we can take advantage of. Even if you’re working full time, you’ll be able to find the means of finding time in whatever circumstance youre in. 

You can trust me because I’ve managed to find plenty of time, even when i was working full time.

The Finances

Often times, we feel that money can block us in getting further ahead in working on our purpose. When you start acting on your purpose, you’ll find the means of making things work within your budget. There so many things that you can do with little to no money. The beauty of the digital age that we live in is truly remarkable, anyone can find and work on their purpose, even with the smallest of budgets

This is almost no excuse because, most of what you might need would require minimal finances, at least to get started on your purpose. Life often has ways of providing the resources for us to execute our purpose, I’ve witnesses this myself, i started getting fund out of nowhere spontaneously. 

I also managed to make things work just fine with little to not financial support.

I normally have the mindset that, regardless of my finances. I have the intelligence and capability to make this work and make my purpose come alive.

Regardless of my finances. I have the intelligence and capability to make this work and make my purpose come alive.

Important tip to remember (things might seem difficult and uncertain, that’s why clarity and trusting the process is so important).

Trusting the process (one of the most important means that will follow).

This is one of the most important points that i want to make here, often time when find our purpose and the means finding us.

We’ll be met with obstacles, uncertainty, fear and all sorts of limitations. Trusting the process seems simple, but so profound. Trusting that we are going down the right path and engaging in our purpose that will rectify is vital.

It keeps us going through the hardships that comes with executing our purpose. ‘Finding your purpose and the mean will follow’ also mean having deep trust in our process and letting go of that which is out of our control.


In this post, we’ve covered the topic of finding your purpose and how the means will follow.

Like I said, introspecting, self discovery and looking into ourselves to really discover our purpose and understanding how the mean will follow.

It was actually a very refreshing article to write since it put us at so much ease, just start executing in the right way and everything else will simply fall in place.

We broke down this post in two easy parts:

  1. Finding your purpose.
  2. Examples of how the means will follow.

I chose to structure it in this way since it’s a lot easier to understand, let me know if i have achieved this.

I’d love your feedback stories

Before I let you go, here’s a quick question for you.

When finding trying to work on your purpose, in what way are you seeing the means simply follow.

I look forward to hearing your stories.

Till the next post, ill see you soon.

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An individual passionate about developing mental and emotional resilience in daily life. Through my experience and knowledge, I'm on a mission to help others cultivate strength within themselves and create a life of true fulfilment.

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