Throughout my life, I’ve often told myself that I can’t find my purpose. At the time it seemed daunting, but overtime I’ve done things to help bring back that sense of purpose in life and everything that i do.

In this article, I hope to provide you with learnings, understandings and inspiration in times when you can’t seem to find a sense of purpose.

Finding your purpose can be a tricky and often confusing process. I know that when i couldn’t find purpose, it was suffocating to say the least.

When someone cant find their purpose, they can feel very directionless and might feel as though their lives can have no meaning. They can end up with no motivation or deeper reason to reach their dreams and life goals.

However there are definitely some things you can do to overcome this feeling.

I definitely understand since I’ve been through this process. Hopefully i can give you a glimpse of what the process involves.

Just understand that everyone’s journey is slightly different. No one’s purpose is ever really the same. So it’s best to use this as inspiration in the sense that, if it is possible for me, I’m certain that it is possible for you.

Here’s a video I’ve posted on this topic. It’s not perfect since I’m not the best person on camera, but I hope you can understand what works when I can’t find my purpose in life. I’m sure it’ll provide you with some information and insight around this.

I welcome any feedback.

How it makes me feel when i can’t find my purpose.

I know for sure that, although it didn’t affect my daily actions such as going to work, meeting responsibilities, general daily activities, There was simply a deep feeling of emptiness and I would present myself with questions such as.

White text with a green background on finding clarity on our purpose.
Quote for reassurance around finding what you are meant to be doing on this planet.

Almost like a walking piece of flesh and bone with nerves and feelings, with no higher purpose, goal or mission. I didn’t like that way of existing.

I’m sure you might have felt this way. The emptiness that lingers throughout your day that you often can’t explain.

I understand that, It differs from person to person and situation to situation, however there are some ways of getting around this. Which involves digging into ourselves and asking ourselves some difficult questions.

We might even realize that we need to let go of certain thing which can be difficult. We might also come to the realiszation that what we’re doing isn’t best thing for us.

Most importantly.

We come to understanding that.

It’s time for a change.

9 Things I Do When I Can’t Find My Purpose.

There were tons of ideas that came to mind when thinking about this topic. As you can see from the image below, it was an exhaustive list.

I’ve taken the most valuable bits and complied into this short list. I would suggest that you try creating your own mind map where you question finding your purpose and all the things that you truly seek in life.

mind map on white lined paper with blue hand written text around what to do when you cant find your purpose
Mind map for ideas around finding purpose in life and what to do when you can find purpose.

1: When i can’t find my purpose, writing gives me perspective and direction.

This is often one of the first things that i do. Asking questions or introspecting is one of the best thing we can do to find certain answers to justify certain feelings.

Something as simple as taking a notepad and pen to jot down ideas and where we want to take our lives, can give us so much perspective. It brings up new ideas and inspiration we never thought we’d find. This is definitely something I did, in fact I would use up full A4 books in a just a week writing down ideas, thoughts that come to me.

I’ve found it useful to use a framework to structure your thoughts. Most importantly, have fun with it since you get a chance to really design your life and visualize where you want to take it.

2: When I can’t find my purpose, i trust life and the journey it takes me on.

Hands down the best thing I did, for myself. Understanding that life has a certain plan for you, enables you to let go a little. Were often so caught up in trying to control every aspect of our life and journey that when things don’t go the way we want them to, we get frustrated and irritated.

I’m sure you know that life is quite unpredictable, it has its own way of teaching us lessons. Therefore, having faith in the fact that life itself will allow us to find and act on our purpose is crucial.

Trusting life also comes with letting go of certain things that don’t serve our highest good. This is important so that we can move towards a more positive direction.

You might like this post on, why letting go is true wealth

Quote White text with black ground with green arrows purpose in times of no clarity
Quote around finding your purpose and moving towards your purpose.

3: When I can’t find my purpose, I listen to my own calling closely.

You might have heard your inner voice at times. That makes certain decisions for you, gives you a heads-up when things might take a different turn, or giving some hints or warnings when something is not quite right.

It might also be called gut instinct, I definitely understood that listening to myself at times was the best thing I did for myself. It allowed me to clearly understand what i gravitate towards and push away. It made me aware of times when I wasn’t doing the right thing or distracted.

Beauty of meditation.

You might be asking, how can we actually listen? I know that, from my experience, meditating has been the best way to help us understand ourselves. Helps us tune into ourselves, block conflicting thoughts and cultivates inner peace. All of this puts us on the path to finding the activities that give that sense of purpose and fulfilment.

The healing silence we feel when were alone

Another important method really comes from spending time alone. Taking ourselves out of the noise and turning our attention inward can help us access certain information that can only come with inner silence.

When we silence and tune in, through meditation, spending time alone or whatever activities that bring tranquillity. We begin to gain direction and clarity, even in the foggiest phases of our lives.

Funnily enough, I remember the exact quote a bully once wrote on my school shirt.

Keep talking to yourself, he’s the only one that will listen.

Although I’m sure he meant it as an insult, there actually a lot of truth to it. However, it took 10 years of life experience for me to realize that. We are our best advisors, motivators and counsellors, it often takes some positive encouragement to access that part of us.

When listening to ourselves, it’s also important to note how important it is to keep our thoughts positive and healing. This was well find tremendous encouragement in following and acting on our purpose.

Even if were sure that we’ve found our purpose, It’s important to keep discouraging thoughts away, which might come from interacting with other who have different life perspective to us.

This post goes into much more detail in regard to that. Especially when we find our lives falling apart.

6 healing thoughts you need when your life falls apart.

4: When I can’t find my purpose, I look to understand where I’m failing.

There are somethings were good at somethings were not, we will all inevitably fail at something, that’s a given. However, failure can actually give us great insight as to what were good and what were not. when we try certain activities with in finding our purpose in life, we’ll fail and some of those which is perfectly fine since it helps us understand what were truly meant for.

When I cant find my purpose in life, im often ok with failing since I see it as a learning opportunity and understanding that which i am not good at or not built for.

In the past, I would get completely disheartened because I was identiyfig that failure with me as a person.

Let me say this clearly.

Green background with black text with sad icon, around the subject of failure.
Quote about, you are not your failure, even though you failed in the past.

Failure is something that deeply affect us lot, i know this to be true because ive been through plenty myself.

Here are some posts I’ve written that you might find resourceful and inspirational.

5: When I can’t find my purpose, i think, does finding my purpose even matter?

This can be a tricky question to answer, and may even make the entire topic of finding your purpose redundant.

In the grand scheme of things, you probably don’t need to find your purpose. But more so your purpose might find you.

As we go through the journey of life well often see that our purpose simply finds us. I would say that this is mainly because as we grow we develop our perspective of life and the way we see things change over time.

What fascinated us over a year ago, won’t necessarily be what we fascinate over today. Once we think of something as our purpose, it probably isn’t our purpose 6 months, a year or even 10 years from now.

When I cant find my purpose, I often tell myself that

Quote with green text and white background and black illustration of a map. finding direction in life. (1)
Quote around how purpose might not be found but develops over a period of time.

Believe it or not, but everything you’re doing right now is leading to your purpose, so the pursuit of finding our purpose doesn’t really matter, since it builds itself within each of us and get clearer and clearer as we go through this journey of life.

I’m not entirely sure about this concept, I’m still discovering this myself, id love to know your thoughts.

6: When I can’t find my purpose in life, I take long walks.

It seems quite silly at first, but I do believe that its one of the best things that we can do.

We tend to retrospect a lot when walking ( I know this to be true for me). We tend to question a lot of things in life and its also where a lot of difficult conversations take place with ourselves and our significant others.

Walks can really help to put things into perspective, better understand what were generally going through in life.

It helps us clarify our purpose and helps us understand where in life were heading.

I’ve often left the house for a walk, I’ve come back with groundbreaking ideas of what my purpose might be and how I could act on it. Nature is one of the best places to find that peace, solace, clarity and thinking space.

7: When I can’t find my purpose in life, I listen to spiritual discourses.

Listening to someone helps give us new insights and perspectives. Listening to spiritual discourses help to find your purpose because it give us a different way of looking at things.

Quote with a green background, white text and illustration of a master, how only the greatest of masters can provide answers. (1)
Quote around how only the greatest of master and provide answers to the questions we seek.

Those who have cultivated enough wisdom to see through the veil of illusion, fear anxiety, uncertainty and much more.

In times when I couldn’t find my purpose, I’ve often found aha moments and when the speaker strikes a cord with me.

Here are my favourite speakers and I hope they help you find your purpose just like them helped my find mine.

8: When I can’t find my purpose, I listen to music

Hard is super important, its one of the qualities that can allow us to overcome any obstacle life presents us with.

However, there are times where we simply need to just surrender. When were working hard at something or towards finding our purpose, we might be working hard at the wrong thing.

We try so hard to manifest a specific situation thinking that it is our purpose, only to realise that it’s far from the truth, and we wasted all that time.

I used work day and night on what was my so called purpose, until life simply changed it course and I was forced to focus on other things.

It might be useful to simply test the water with an idea, as we started exploring that idea more and more. A sense of purpose then develops overtime.

Along with putting a halt on trying too hard, I would also say don’t take things too seriously and have a little fun.

Your purpose might find you in the most unexpected way. Essentially, your purpose might be something completely different to what you had anticipated.

Bonus point: 9

When I can’t find my purpose, I stop trying to find answers.


So there you have it, the above point some of the things that had done that really helped my find more perspective and a greater sense of purpose.

Id love to know how you go about the feeling of not finding purpose, you stories can help me and others.

In this article we covered what It means to find your purpose, does it even matter as well as 9 things that I do when I can’t find my purpose in life.

I hope this post inspires you and its perfectly find to feel purposeless, its all just part of the process.

So, Thank you for reading and before I let you go, here’s a quick question to get you thinking.

What one activity can you think of today, that would help you get close to finding that sense of purpose.

Let me know in the comments.

Take care, till the next post.

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An individual passionate about developing mental and emotional resilience in daily life. Through my experience and knowledge, I'm on a mission to help others cultivate strength within themselves and create a life of true fulfilment.

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