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10 things You Must Know About Having Determination

Photograph of plant with black text board with text about difficulty and determination
Photograph and text board on how difficultly leads to amazing life destinations.

Determination is an important trait for all of us in life.
There is so much to know about it, how we can use it to benefit our lives.
A trait that is very much needed to achieve any goal we set ourselves.

In this post, well explore 9 important things you need to know about determination.

1. What is the definition of self-determination?

Self-determination essentially means having control of one’s self.

The ability to move obstacles with determination to reach one’s end goal.

A sense of freedom with one’s acts, choices, and states without any kind of external influence.

2. Determination with self.

Determination with self fundamentally means having control over one’s self.

It’s important to be determined to overcome obstacles and reach goals.

However, it just as important to be had a certain level of determination over one’s self, their thoughts, and actions.

Seeing through influences, temptations, persuasions, and control one’s thoughts enough to not be a giving in to them.

I really think that self-determination and discipline go hand in hand since they are necessary to overcome challenges, temptations, and influences.

3. Why having determination is important in life?

There are several reasons as to why this is essential for life.

A couple of reasons revolve around the fact that determination can help us to:

It is one of the ingredients of success in life.

Having a plan and a vision is one piece of the puzzle.

However, life often presents a lot of obstacles on the path to success, this is where determination can play its part.

Having a sense of control over ourselves and focus towards our goal.

Seeing through distraction and temptations that takes us away from that goal.

Determination can help us succeed because it gives us the ability to remain persistent in the face of failure and various obstacles.

Helps you understand how strong you really are.

Challenges in life can be quite difficult to deal with.

However, when we overcome them with self-determination, were able to get an understanding of our really strength.

When I looked at my struggles, I sometimes get surprise by how determination helped me emotional cope and overcome it.

Sometimes it is the adversities that test our character in life the most.

It is one of the traits that really bring out the best in us, and shows us what were really made of.

In fact, failure may also make us more intelligent.

This can tell us that even negatives situations have their own purpose in making us more determined.

4. Is determination a skill?

Determination is actually a trait, more than anything else.

It is a trait that be taught and developed over time, however some of naturally possess determination.

We all have some level of determination, it’s within our very nature.

However, some individuals are naturally a little more determined than others.

It is also a trait that can become more prevalent with age, or in some circumstances, it could decrease.

In my experience, I had become a lot more determined when I found something I was highly passionate and motivated about. Along with that, struggle and obstacles also contributed to more self-determination since I was focused on making life more positive and fruitful.

So this not really a skill and a trait or attribute more than anything else.

5. Determination is the key to success?

Success depends on a lot of factors such as strategy, a vision, hard work and most importantly, determination.

Success with a lot of set backs, failures and uncertainty, determination is very much needed to cross that phase.

However, it’s not the only thing we need.

Because success is a situation that results in the right action, taken at the right time, in the right circumstance and with the right mindset, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what leads to it.

Fundamentally, determination is the one ingredient that helps us reach our goal of success.

So it’s not the only thing, but definite a contributing factor to any kind of success.

6. Why is having determination one of the greatest assets a person can have?

Determination is the one thing that gives a person the energy and resilience to cross any trial and turbulence in life.

Cultivating this asset within once self means that one has a much higher chance of achievement. Not only that, but to also solve various problems that life can present to a person.

In some cases, instead of showing determination, sometimes a person can face a situation where they even have to let go.

However, letting go can also be the true wealth.

A person might have a lot of ideas, strategies and can be intelligent. However, all of this will only take him so far. Determination is the asset they need to take them that extra mile.

7. Determination with perseverance.

I have included this point within the post because they these two traits can really go hand in hand.

We need determination to put us in the mental state to achieve a specific goal.

Simultaneously, we need perseverance to patiently keep us going.

To give you a brief example of this.

In my experience, I was determined to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.

I had to persevere though the difficult terrain, in a state of deprived oxygen, in order to reach the peak.

8. Determination without strategy.

This is an important one.

Having determination to achieve something is always important, but without a strategy we have no sense of direction.

Without a strong strategy or plan, we can have all the determination we want, but well find difficult in reaching the end goal.

This is because the process of reach a goal and achieve success, comprises a series of small actions take repeated towards that end destination.

The best care scenario would be to have a strategy in place whilst being determined enough to fully execute it.

Both of these should work together for the best results.

However, a sense of purpose equally important.

There are many things you can do when you can’t find your purpose.

9. Can self-determination be taught?

Although self-determination can be an individual trait, it can certainly be taught.

When one is facing obstacles, or not following through with their action, we inspire them to be more determined.

Often times, we can be self-determined as a default.

For example, when we go through a difficult period, we’re naturally determined to overcome it.

However, we might need to be taught or inspired to be determined if were working on a particularly long, boring project.

So it can depend on the individual circumstance.

In some case, it can be our natural response.

In some cases, we need some teaching and inspiration to be determined.

10. How determined are you?

After understanding its importance, you might be wondered how determined you really are

Here are a few short questions you can ask yourself ?

  • How important is a specific goal for you?
  • Does motivation come naturally to you?
  • What have you been determined about in the past?
  • What activities fire you up?
  • Are you prepared to face challenges on the path to achievement.
  • How would you feel once you’ve achieved it.
  • Do you have a plan of action?

These question mainly aim to help you discover how determined you are, as well as how you can find it.

Feel free to tailor it to your situation, circumstance, and preference.


So this post, comprise 10 point on determination you should know.

In this post, we’ve covered everything from :

What determination is ?

Why it’s important in life ?

Can it be taught ?

How do you if you have it ?

Why It’s important to have a strategy along with determination ?

And much more.

I’d love your feedback in the comments and how you might have gain better insight.

Thank you for reading, and ill see you in the next post.


By Kunaal Bakrania

An individual passionate about developing mental and emotional resilience in daily life. Through my experience and knowledge, I'm on a mission to help others cultivate strength within themselves and create a life of true fulfilment.

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