Why Being Strategic Is Just As Important As Being Determined.

Every one of us understands that determination is important for loads of reasons. However, without a strategy, it’s like being a fantastic fighter without sword.

This is particularly true for any kind of success or dream we are trying to attain.

Where determination is an arrow, strategy is the bow that directs that energy in its practical application.

We might be highly driven by excitement and willpower at the start of a project, however, without proper goals, objectives, and expectations being set, it’s difficult for us to get anywhere.

I’ve often encountered in my experience that, we can sometimes get carried away by the future vision of a project, we don’t see the realities and constraints.

When the reality of the project hits, we might back off or get discouraged in some sense.

The overwhelming feeling and burden of tacking all of the various obstacles can set us off the tracks.

A mindset shift might be required, and sometimes, its all that’s is required.

Instead of saying, the obstacles overwhelm me.

We can switch that phrase to,

I understand that there are obstacles, however, I am determined to reach my end goal.

or you could say,

I understand that obstacles exist, but as I keep working, solutions will simply come to me.

Believe me, solutions really do show themselves to us, if were willing to see them.

With that switch, you’ll see that, obstacles can actually excite you.

I now find joy in solving problems and strategizing since, I am determined to reach my end goal.

Back to the main point.

Something I learned in motivational interviewing, was super valuable, a simple conversation response went something like this:

You seem ready and excited to make a change and I am really happy to see that.

Let’s start setting some goals and actions steps to help you make that a reality.

A more productive way to directing excitement and motivation into actionable strategy.

This really taught me the fact that a strategy can actually help put things into reality, and that really excites me.

As soon as we place that determination and willpower into paper and actually set out a strategy, we will start to see that the goals aren’t so far stretched.

This is because a strategy can give us perspective and highlight exactly where our efforts need to be directed to get the best results.

Determination can be fairly useless without a strategy, also because it allows us to place facts before mere hope.

This way we can avoid a lot of failures that come our way, simply because we have put passion and excitement to one side and focused on the reality of the situation.

All in all, we cant have determination without a strategy, simultaneously, we cant have strategy without determination.

Both of these aspects need to work in harmony with each other, to make hope and wishes come true.


This was just something that really that came strongly to mind. Hopefully it might help someone get better perspective.

I’m not sure if I’m right or wrong, I suppose its just food for thought.

Without strategy, determination is really aimless.

We end up going nowhere without a sold plan and vision, dreams remain dreams.

By Kunaal Bakrania

An individual passionate about developing mental and emotional resilience in daily life. Through my experience and knowledge, I'm on a mission to help others cultivate strength within themselves and create a life of true fulfilment.

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