I Did A Brain Rewire, I Was Never The Same Again.

Man with light bulb on the head with brain rewire.
Man with an idea.

Here, ill inspire and teach you how to rewire you brain to bring about a positive transformation into your life. Starting today.

Man with light bulb on the head with brain rewire.
Photograph of Man with an idea by rauschenberger

After struggling with negative habits for some time, I came across something called a brain rewire.

The fact were capable of changing the physical structure of our brains and overcome negative habits through learning, was inspiration to me.

I’m super excited to talk about this topic since it affected me so positively, and powerfully.

This is essentially what worked for me and I hope it can help you in some way, or at least inspire you to take those first steps towards healing.

If I can overcome negative habits and tendencies, you too certainly can.

But first, What is a brain rewire?

A brain rewire is essentially where you start the process of changing a particular habit. When we let go or start something new, rewiring of the brain can happen. Most of the times it comes through a learning experience.

Even trauma or a bad habit, has the ability to rewire the brain.

It’s also called a brain rewire because, when we start taking on habits that are good for us and that we love. Our brains can start creating new neurological pathways.

Hence rewire.

The more formal or scientific name for this would be Neuroplasticity.

An amazing article beautifully written by Amber Murphy on declutterthemind.com, explains that there are mainly two types neuroplasticity:

  1. Functional plasticity:

Here our brains can essentially move processes and functions from damaged to undamaged areas.

  1. Structural plasticity:

Here, the brain can actually change its physical structure, by a learning event or even trauma. This means that our brains are quite adaptable and resilient.

This is fantastic and reassuring news.

Because it tells us that, although we might have certain habits that we are accustomed to, We have the potential to rewire and transform our minds. This can be done through simple learning events.

This can basically mean that, if we really take the time to master a good habit, we will be automatically rewiring the brain or enabling neuroplasticity to happen.

To be honest, I’m sure neuroplasticity happens every time, were just trying to use it to form positive, sustainable and healthy habits.

To know more about the amazing science of neuroplasticity and how it works, here a couple of links that I’m sure would help.

I’m no scientist, the above links would really give a detailed insight on neuroplasticity.

Simple and practical tips to help your brain rewire.

I’ll try to provide some simple and straightforward tips to really help you kick start your self transformation journey. There also tips that have worked really well for me, hope it may it help you in some way.

Before i get straight into it, i need to stress the fact that we might start healthy habits and then quit along the way.

Rewiring will only happen if we cross the obstacles. It will require us to maintain consistency and resilience.

In exchange, we are rewarded with the result.

Once you get to where you want to be, you will proud of yourself beyond measure. That much I can guarantee.

Now lets get into it.

1. Pick some activities you can do consistently, preferably enjoyable.

This is one of the most basic things to start with.

To overcome a negative habit, I’ve often found that replacing it by engaging in a positive and healthy activity simultaneously can help.

Almost to where the positive and enjoyable activity would eventually overpower the negative habits you’re trying to get rid of.

Some pointers to consider when choosing an activity:

  • Make sure you actually love it, it will be much easier to stay consistent this way.
  • If you need to, keep it brief for time efficiency.
  • Cost effectiveness, if it does involve a cost.
  • If your activity involves others, make sure they are available.
  • Pick as many activities as you like, aim for 2 max.

Most importantly, ensure that it is emotionally fulfilling for you.

Love has the power to beat negativity by a mile.

Now, on to the next point.

2. Now that you’ve picked an activity, build a schedule around it.

The beauty about building a schedule is the fact that you can really tailor it to your situation and circumstance. In order to start rewiring the brain, habit is key, for that to happen a good schedule is very much needed.

Why do I say that habit is important for brain rewiring. Well, according to an interesting article written by Patrick Sullivan on sharecare.com, he mentions that, according to Dr Ucheoma – Cofield,

repeating them over and over again actually become wired into our brain circuitry.

However there are some things that I need to mention in light of this.

  • Your schedule / habits may change and evolve with time, that’s perfectly fine.
  • If something important interrupts your schedule, deal with it first.
  • If your schedule doesn’t help or work for you, it’s ok to stop.
  • Your schedule / habits may change and evolve with time, that’s perfectly fine.
  • If something important interrupts your schedule, deal with it first.
  • If your schedule doesn’t help or work for you, it’s ok to stop.

Keep it simple to start with, overcomplication may lead to procrastination.

To give you some context, here are some negative habits I wanted to get rid of:

  • Being unproductive and not managing my time.
  • Being quite sedentary, until I had problems with my back and shoulders.

The activities that I chose:

  • Kriya meditation – To get more mental clarity and focus.
  • Evening Yoga – Simply for weight management and for general health.

Lets fit the above activities into a schedule.

Monday to Friday.

4:30am – 6am – Kriya meditation.

6am – 6pm – Breakfast, commute, lunch, work.

6pm – 7:30pm – Yoga

7:30 – 9pm – Personal projects, including medium publishing.

9pm – 9:30pm – Contemplation on life.

Saturday – Sunday

4:30am – 6am – Kriya meditation.

6am – 6pm – Personal projects, family, self care, fun, side projects, finances.

6pm – 7:30pm – Yoga.

7:30 – 9pm – Personal projects, including medium publishing.

9pm – 9:30pm – Contemplation on life.

As you can see, its quite a simple schedule. There’s really nothing fancy about it.

And thats the beauty, its very easy for me to stay consistent because its simple.

The simpler, the more you’ll do it, the better you brain can rewire itself out of a negative habit.

Brainwash yourself with healing and positivity.

I know brainwashes might come across as negative, in this instance you trust that i’m using this term in a positive way.

This is something that I personally call, overloading.

When we are accustomed to negative habits, it can often take a lot of work to move toward a positive direction. This is especially true if you’re dealing with an addiction.

With addictions, we have something called triggers. These triggers can pop up at certain times during the day and entice us into engaging in that negative habit.

Wherever a trigger came to me, I would give myself 20 pushups on the spot.

This really helped me rewire my brain because it started associating a negative habit with a healthy activity like exercise.

This would essentially stop me from indulging in that habit at that moment.

When the urge strikes, where at our weakest. This is why we need a quick solution / healthy alternative at that moment. This quickly diverts our focus.

I had also meditated at least 3 times a day for a short while, which is quite a lot. However, it helped me to gain more control of my mind, thoughts and urges.

So try to learn and implement new habits intensely and ensure that you are excited and love the process:

  • Listening to healing music.
  • Reading uplifting and confidence building messages.
  • Writing empowering stories about your personal journey and aspirations.

All these things, when done intensely and on a daily basis, can almost shock the system into adopting a positive habit.

Especially if you feel amazing in the process.

One more thing I should mention is that.

It’s ok if you fall off, but learn from it and get back on the horse fast

This should never justify making mistakes or relapsing. But encourages you to carry on even if mistakes and failures inevitably happen.

None of us know who we are until we fail.

Nipsey Hussle (A true musical icon).

Success is personal, but how do you measure it?

Here are some pointers you could consider.

  • You see that you are able to wean off negative things in life.
  • Each day becomes easier in resisting negativity.
  • Your vision for the future become so much more hopeful.
  • You truly start to believe that things are changing in life.
  • You build self faith and immense confidence in within yourself.

Tools that really helped me in brain rewiring.

  • Subliminal messages.
  • Spiritual contemplation to some level.
  • Watching what I eat, what we eat affects our brain.
  • Hand written notes placed where I work, to keep my mind on track and focused.
  • Reminding myself of my past accomplishments daily.
  • Having a Positive and reassuring conversation with myself daily.

Over to you.

Take a small step towards your transformation and starts today.

A journey of a thousand miles, start with a small step towards it.

Thank you very much for you time.

Till my next post.

By Kunaal Bakrania

An individual passionate about developing mental and emotional resilience in daily life. Through my experience and knowledge, I'm on a mission to help others cultivate strength within themselves and create a life of true fulfilment.

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